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Wall panels

GIACOTTI panels from concrete can be used in interiors. Concrete panels can spectacularly decorate any rooms. See our varied offer by clicking on the pictures below!

Panels manufactured by concrete by GIACOTTI:

  • extremely durable, hand made
  • can be used as ventilated façades, outdoor pavements and interior design solutions
  • Thanks to the special surface treatment of the high-performance fiberglass reinforced concrete (UHPC) developed by concrete by Giacotti, it is resistant to water and corrosion
  • a trendy, fashionable look
  • long service life, low maintenance costs, excellent fire protection capabilities
  • Abraison and frost resistant, non-slip surfaces
  • concrete is a "live" material, with time its appearance changes: it gets polished, patinated, becomes more aesthetic
  • Spots, variations in colour or micro flaws may occur on its surface, which are natural and completely harmless characteristics of concrete
  • Concrete can replace natural stones, such as granite, marble, monolit concrete, limestone or terracotta
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