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We believe that thanks to close cooperation with our customers, we can satisfy your needs and fulfill your request at the highest level. That is why we are continuously developing and expanding our services to meet the most exquisite needs of our customers. Contact us, we are ready to help!

In Architectural Design - Our architect colleague is ready to provide complete planning and advice services. On request, we can design the façades, prepare the floor covering plan, or prepare detailed plans for special tasks.

In design- We help you choose the most appropriate material, color, or surface to suit your vision. Our designer and interior designer colleague is at your disposal.

Building - we are proud to provide services in installing our own products after they have been manufactured, whether it's covering, facades or park construction.

Production - In addition to artisanal production, we have the capacity to produce in industrial quantities. We put great emphasis on producing quality products. Because of our environmentally conscious approach we prefer to use recycled materials. Our products meet the requirements of LEED standards.

Project follow-up - we offer the opportunity for architects or contractors to carry out discussion on a continuous basis, we can adapt the production schedule to the construction process, we can arrange the delivery, and we can be present at the installation.

In transporting - thanks to our 360-degree service approach, we provide assistance in delivery from packaging until the products arrive to work area – be anywhere around the world.

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